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Buildings in are player made structures. These buildings usually require resources to perform their task. Different buildings have different purposes, from utility-based structures to defensive towers. Each building will automatically give their resource to and receive from other buildings if there is a path available.

List of buildings and other things[edit | edit source]

Base[edit | edit source]

Receives crystals (which function as in-game credit, and can be used to upgrade or buy buildings) from the Crystal Mine. Other buildings can't be upgraded past the base's level. The game doesn't truly start until your base has been placed. The game is lost when the base is destroyed.

Crystal Mine[edit | edit source]

Mines crystals from crystal orbs.

Iron mine[edit | edit source]

Mines iron from iron ore deposits.

Harvester[edit | edit source]

Harvests wood from forests.

Wall[edit | edit source]

Protects your base from enemies by blocking their movement.

Transporter[edit | edit source]

Transports resources within its range between buildings. Can be chained.

Cannon Ball Factory[edit | edit source]

Produces cannon balls from iron.

Cannon Tower[edit | edit source]

Medium-distance splash damage tower. Shoots cannon balls which explode while hitting enemies. Requires cannon balls from the cannon ball factory to fire.

Sawmill[edit | edit source]

Carves wood into arrow shafts(aka Tree trunks).

Steel Factory[edit | edit source]

Manufactures steel from iron and wood.

Arrow Factory[edit | edit source]

Manufactures arrows from steel and arrow shafts(aka Tree trunks).

Arrow Tower[edit | edit source]

Long-ranged single target tower which shoots arrows at enemies. Requires arrows from the arrow factory to fire.

Uranium Mine[edit | edit source]

Extracts uranium from uranium ores.

Nuclear Reactor[edit | edit source]

Uses uranium to produce nuclear power.

Lightning tower[edit | edit source]

Short-distance splash damage tower. Shoots lightning bolts on enemies which then spread to other enemies. Requires nuclear power from nuclear reactor to fire.